Stationery and Postage Costs

On this page you will see links to information relating to orders placed with a central supplier for stationery and charges associated with the use of such items including pre-paid postage.

Stationery can be ordered from the supplier for use in direct connection with a Member's parliamentary duties. Under current rules, in the course of a financial year, a Member is entitled to be supplied free of charge with original House of Commons stationery up to the value of ?7,000. This includes the cost of the stationery itself and postage on pre-paid envelopes.

Members may also purchase original House stationery (but not pre-paid envelopes) using their Incidental Expenses Provision or Communications Allowance. Prior to April 2007 and the introduction of the Communications Allowance there was no limit on the value of items ordered from the supplier.

Each file contains information relating to all MPs who have ordered from the supplier. Some totals might differ from those published each autumn due to the treatment of returns and transfers.

A copy of the rules and guidance governing the use of stationery is attached.

Please note that since 2008 oversight of the stationery provision and supervision of the rules has been the responsibility of the House of Commons Department of Facilities.

Stationery Costs

Postage Costs